History of Department

The Department of Medicine, Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada was started in 1958 with the appointment of Lt..P.N.Rao, M.D. as the first Professor of Medicine, who was also the Superintendent of the Government Hospital, Kakinada. Starting with 2 units it was subsequently expanded to 4 medical units. In February 1999, 5th & 6th units were created. It is now having seven units.

Starting of Postgraduate course in General Medicine (MD.,) with four seats from the year 1976 is an important milestone in the history of this Department. Nearly 110 Postgraduates obtained M.D., Degree from this institute during the last 3 decades. The number of postgraduate seats in Medicine were subsequently increased to ten since 2010.


The Department was headed and ably guided by a number of successive Professors.

1. Dr.P.N.Rao, M.D.                                       ---        16.09.1959 to 15.05.1964      

2. Dr.K.KosandaRamaiah, M.D.                    ---        08.07.1964 to 14.07.1965

3. Dr.K.Suryanarayana, M.D.                         ---        24.07.1965 to 08.04.1968

4. Dr.G.RamachandraRao, M.D.                    ---        09.04.1968 to 13.02.1969

5. Dr.P.Kotaiah, M.D.                                    ---        14.02.1969 to 31.01.1970

6. Dr.K.Pitchaiah, M.D.                                  ---        01.02.1970 to 29.05.1972

7. Dr.L.G.Krishnaiah, M.D., DCH.                ---        30.05.1972 to 21.06.1973

8. Dr.T.Srinivasan, B.Sc., M.D.                      ---        22.06.1973 to 25.09.1976

9. Dr.L.G.Krishnaiah,M.D., DCH.                 ---        26.09.1976 to 31.07.1977

10. Dr.V.Satyanaraya Murthy, M.D.             ---        03.02.1978 to 21.11.1979

11. Dr.C.MallikharjunaRao, M.D.                  ---        30.11.1979 to 31.10.1983

12. Dr.N.V.S.Nayudu, M.D.                          ---        01.11.1983 to 06.09.1986

13. Dr.B.Suryanarayana, B.Sc..M.D.             ---        01.11.1986 to 01.07.1987      

14. Dr.N.V.S.Nayudu, M.D.                          ---        01.07.1987 to 31.12.1989

15. Dr.M.VirebhadraRao, M.D.                     ---        01.01.1990 to 31.07.1990

16. Dr.V.V.RamaRao, M.D.                           ---        01.08.1990 to 31.03.1997

17. Dr.M.V.SanyasiRao, M.D.                       ---        01.04.1997 to 31.05.1997

18. Dr.M.Siva Shankar, M.D.                         ---        01.06.1997 to 30.09.1998

19. Dr.S.Krishna Murthy, M.D.                      ---        05.12.1998 to 04.05.1999

20. Dr.S.Venkat Prasad, M.D.                        ---        05.05.1999 to 30.03.2001

2 l .Dr.M.Parvatisam, M.D.                            ---        01.04.2001 to 31.12.2002.

22. Dr.I.VenkateswaraRao, M.D.                   ---        01.01.2003 to 25.11.2004

23. Dr.M.B.R.Sarma, MD., i/c                        ---        25.11.2004 to 05.09.2006

24. Dr.M.B.R.Sarma,MD.,                             ---        06.09.2006 to

25. DrK.S.R.Swamy, MD.,                            ---                             to 28.02.2014

26. Dr.M.V.V.TirumalaRao                            ---        01.03.2014 to date

At present the Head of the Department is Dr.M.V.V.TirumalaRao, MD.

The Department renders both out-patients and in-patient service regularly.

Apart from providing basic facilities, the Medicine Department has also acquired latest facilities like Acute Medical Care Units, ICCU, Dialysis Unit and specialty clinics like Diabetic Clinic, Epilepsy Clinic, Headache Clinic and Geriatric OP.


12 bedded Acute Medical Care Unit is commissioned in November,2001 with facilities for continuous and intensive monitoring of seriously ill patients round the clock with Central Oxygen & Ventilators and cardiac monitoring facilities. AMCU was expanded to 24 beds on 31.12.02 with the same facilities and subsequently to 26 beds at present.


A Haemo Dialysis Unit was commissioned in July, 2001 with three Haemo Dialysis Machines and with a trained technician and nursing staff to take care of patients with renal failure.


Diabetic Clinic is being run on every 3rd Saturday from March 2002 onwards for the regular screening and monitoring of Diabetic patients and supply of anti diabetic drugs with free of cost.



HOD and Faculty Details

Post Details Name of Employee
Professor & HOD of Medicine Dr.M.V.V.Tirumala Rao
Professor of Medicine Dr.C.S.S.Sarma
Professor of Medicine Dr.P.Yasodamma
Professor of Medicine Dr.S.S.R.K.Bheemeswara Rao
Professor of Medicine vacant
Professor of Medicine Dr.V.Srinivas
Assoc. Prof. of Medicine Dr.M.Subrahmanyam
Assoc. Prof. of Medicine Dr. Y.Ramesh Naidu
Assoc. Prof. of Medicine Dr.V.Satya Prasad
Assoc. Prof. of Medicine Dr.H.Vijaya Kumar
Asst. Professor of Medicine Dr.M.Rajyalakshmi
Asst. Professor of Medicine Dr.G.S.N.Murthy
Asst. Professor of Medicine Dr.N.Vikram Ali Benhur
Asst. Professor of Medicine Dr.K.Madhavi
Asst. Professor of Medicine Dr.D.Markandeyulu
Asst. Professor of Medicine Dr.P.Satish Srinivas
Asst. Professor of Medicine Dr.L.Sandhya Rani
Asst. Professor of Medicine Dr.G.Seshu Kumari
Asst. Professor of Medicine Dr.T.V.S.R.Raghu
Asst. Professor of Medicine Dr. K. Sunitha
Asst. Professor of Medicine Dr.M.Achin Naidu
Asst. Professor of Medicine Dr.M.Rukmini Ramya
Asst. Professor of Medicine Dr.V.Kiran

Teaching facilites

The Department consists of SEVEN UNITS with the following TEACHING FACULTY.
  1. Dr.M.V.V.TirumalaRao, M.D – Head of the Department
  2. Dr.C.S.S.Sarma, M.D
  3. Dr.P.Yasodamma, M.D
  4. Dr.S.S.K.R.Bhimeswararao, M.D
Associate Professors:
  1. Dr.D.Radha Krishnan, M.D
  2. Dr.V.Satya Prasad, M.D
  3. Dr.Y.Ramesh Naidu, M.D
  4. Dr.M.Subrahmanyam, M.D
Assistant Professors:
  1. Dr.D.Markendeyulu, M.D
  2. Dr.N.Vikram Ali Benhur, M.D
  3. Dr.P.Satish Srinivas, M.D
  4. Dr.R.Nivedita, M.D
  5. 5. Dr.L.Sandhya Rani, M.D
  6. 6. Dr.G.S.N.Murthy, M.D
  7. Dr.G.SeshuKumari, M.D
  8. Dr.K.Madhavi, M.D
  9. Dr.A.SubbaRao, M.D
  10. Dr.M.Rajya Lakshmi, M.D
Senior Residents:
  1. Dr.K.SubbaRao, M.D
  2. Dr.P.Ravindra, M.D, D.M
  3. Dr.U.Adinarayana, M.D
  4. Dr.M.RukminiRamya, M.D
  5. Dr.Y.C.Deepak, M.D
  6. Dr.Ch.Vijay, M.D
  7. Dr.M.V.V.Jagan Mohan, M.D
  8. Dr.V.BalaSubhashini, MBBS
  9. Dr.LeenaMehnaz, MBBS
  10. Dr.SrinivasaRaoBoda, MBBS
  11. Dr.Busi Ramesh, MBBS
  12. Dr.N.KameswaraRao, MBBS
Junior Residents:
  1. Dr.SrinivasaRaoVirothu, MBBS
  2. Dr.SrihariBarama, MBBS
  3. Dr.Sarala Devi Thammisetty, MBBS
  4. Dr.Siva Kumar Darimireddi, MBBS
  5. Dr.KiranRepana, MBBS
  6. Dr.KamminanaG.Priyadarsini, MBBS
  7. Dr.Ram Prasad Kadiyala, MBBS
  8. Dr.RamPrahlad KM, MBBS
  9. Dr.MalleswaraRao, MBBS
  10. Dr.SrinivasaSusheelGumpina, MBBS
  11. Dr.Kiran Kumar Golla, MBBS
  12. Dr.Ravali Manchu, MBBS
  13. Dr.Piyush Kumar Anshu, MBBS
  14. Dr.RajyalakshmiNeelam, MBBS
  15. Dr.VinodaKadali, MBBS
  16. Dr.ShaikNagoorBasha, MBBS
  17. Dr.SivasankarAnnangi, MBBS
  18. Dr.HarshaVardhanGanta, MBBS
  19. Dr. Ravi TejaKakarla, MBBS
  20. Dr. P Tabita RJ Chandrika, MBBS
Theory Classes 8 – 9am & 12 -2pm
Clinics 9-12am
Grand Rounds Wednesdays 9-12am
Seminars Saturdays 11-12am
Everyday 2.30pm – 4pm
MONDAY Case Presentation
TUESDAY Seminars
WEDNESDAY -- Cardiology Case Discussion
THURSDAYS Neurology Case presentation
FRIDAY Journal Club
SATURDAY Mortality meet
Every THURSDAY 8-9am Neuroradiology Case discussions by multispeciality departments
Monthly ClinicoPathologicalconferences andDeath Review Meetings are being conducted with both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.
  1. The Department acquired two Computers ( onefor office purpose and another for academic purpose).
  2. Two LCD Projectors.
  3. . Lap Top (for effective teaching of both Undergraduates and Postgraduates).
  4. Xerox machine
Dr I. Jogarao memorial conference hall was constructed on Jan 2004 with partial aid from Dr.I.Venkateshwarrao MD, former professor and head of department of Medicine Kakinada. Since then it is serving all the teaching needs of both undergraduates and post graduates of medicine like taking regular theory classes,conducting seminars, CMEs, and conferences. This conference hall is also utilized for the academic activities of other Departmentsof Rangaraya Medical College and Government General Hospital, Kakinada. This air conditionedhall is equipped with comfortable seating arrangement for up to 150 students and latest audio visual aids with backup UPSand generator supply.
A well furnishedair-conditioned library room for post graduate students of General Medicine is available. It is equipped with a number of Text Books (more than 150) and various national and international journals. The library has also computer with an internet connection with online subscriptions of UPTODATE and NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE.
A Departmental Research Lab is present and is equipped with basic facilities along with binocular microscopes, ECG machines, EEG machine and Erba Semi autoanalyser.
ThreWorking Ward Side labs are available for routine haematological and biochemical work up of cases.


Academic Achievements

The Department of General Medicine, Govt. General Hospital/Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada has participated in various academic activities.
  1. Regional CME., AP Chapter of API. On 12.12.2010.
  2. University CME’s Conducted:
  3. a. NTRUHS CME in General Medicine., conducted at Department of Medicine on 24.4.2011.
    b. NTRUHS CME in General Medicine., conducted at Department of Medicine on 26.8.2012.
  4. CME’s conducted by Department of Medicine:
  1. Hepatology symposium - NAFLD  by  Dr.C.S.S.Sarma – 20.2.2010.
  2. Hypertension Management in CVD by Dr.A.Veerraja- 27.5.2010.
  3. Combination therapy in Malaria by Dr.P.SubbaRao – 22.7.2010
  4. Status of ARB  across the cardiovascular continuum by Dr.Y.G.Sundararaju – 27.9.2010.
  5. Contemporary Role of AGI in Management of Diabetes by Dr.K.S.R.SWAMY – 23.9.2010.
  6. Hypertension &Vasacular Protection by Dr.P.SubbaRao – 30.9.2010.
  7. Cardiovasular Remodeling by Dr.M.V.V.TirumalaRao – 11.11.2010
  8. Challenges in Dyslipidemia Management by Dr.K.S.R. Swamy – 12.5.2011.
  9. Subject on (CTD) Chlorthalidone by Dr.P.SubbaRao – 19.5.2011.
  10. Comprehensive Glycemic Control by Dr.M.V.V.TirumalaRao – 26.5.2011
  11. A Case of Acute M.I. with history of uncontrolled HTN and Dyslipidaemia by Dr.K.S.R. Swamy – 22.9.2011.
  12. Glargine – Fix Fasting First in Diabetes by Dr.M.B.R.Sarma – 9.11.2011.
  13. Hypertension Management by Dr.M.V.V.TirumalaRao – 19.4.2012.
  14. Post Prandial Hyperglycemia by Dr.P.SubbaRao – 14.5.2012
  15. Metoprolol by Dr.K.S.R. Swamy – 17.5.2012
  16. Hypertension in elderly by Dr.S.S.K.R. BhimeswaraRao – 28.5.2012
  17. Guidelines for Management of Adult RTI by Dr.C.S.S. Sarma – 5.7.2012
4. Guest Lectures by :
  1. Peripheral Smear Examination in Anamia by Dr. M.MadanMohan,M.D, Hematologist, Visakhapatnam.
  2. Role of Heart Rate control in CAD by Dr.HemanthBehra (Cardiologist).
  3. Newer insulin by I.V.Rao.
  4. Sjogren Syndrome by Dr.M.VishnuVardhan Reddy – 7.12.2012.
  5. Differential Diagnosis of APD & peptic Disorder & role of PPI by Dr.AdityaPrasanna – 9.8.2012.
5. Conferences participated by Department of General Medicine:
  1. ISGCON , Hyderabad on 23.9.2010
  2. Neurovision, Visakhapatnam
  3. SRMC Clinics, Feb 2011
  4. SRMC Clinics, Feb. 2012
  5. International Diabetic Symposium – 2013
  6. APICON National Conference, 2011 Jaipur
  7. APICON National Conference,2012 Kolkata
  8. APICON National Conference, 2013 Coimbatore
  9. Cardiology Update, KIMS, Hyderabad, 2012.
  10. APICON State Conference , 2011 Vizag
  11. h. APICON State Conference , 2012 Kurnool
  12. h. APICON State Conference , 2013 Mahaboobnagar
6. Prizes & Awards Achieved.
  1. Poster 1st Prize : Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Presenting as Dumbbell Tumour By Dr.Ch.Vijay at APICON State Conference, Kurnool, 2012
  2. Poster 1st Prize : SLE Presenting as Eight and Half syndrome by Dr.S.M.Sharief. at APICON State Conference, Kurnool, 2012
7. Paper Presentations in Conferences:
  1. AP APICON 2012- KURNOOL on 22nd&23rd Sept 2012
i. Dr.Jagan Mohan -- on ARF
ii. Dr.S.D.M. Sekhar
iii. Dr.I.Naresh
iv. Dr.Kiran Mahesh
v. Dr.Aditya - Adult New onset Seizures – Selected for award paper
b. AP APICON 2013 – MAHABOOBNAGARon9-11th August 2013
i. A Study on clinical profile on Atrial Fibrillation and AF with Embolic Stroke –Dr.D.Siva Kumar, Consolation Prize
ii. A Study on Clinical, Microbiological, Radiological study on Community Acquired Pneumonia – Dr.B.Sri Hari
iii. Clinical Scorings in Acute Stroke and its correlation with CT Scan – Dr.K.GeetaPriyadarsini
iv. Incidence of Peripheral Neuropathy and Autonomic Neuropathy in Diabetes Mellitus –Dr.P. Tabitha
a. A Case of snake bite with Ischaemic stroke and bleeding manifestations – Dr.R.Kiran Prize
b. A Case of Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis – Dr.D.VamsiYadav
c. A Case of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura with EDH, SDH and IPH – Dr.R,Kiran
9. Platform Paper:
  1. Dr.Ch.Vijay - Clinical profile of pesticide poisoning in East Godavari District.
  2. b. Dr.V.Sarat Chandra -Experience paraquat poisoning in GGH., Kakinada
  3. Dr.D.Rakesh - Clinical profile of Post Partum Cardiomyopathy.
10. PRIZES: received during 2013 by our Post Graduates
  1. University first in MD., General Medicine – Dr.M. Anuradha
  2. University 3rd in MD., General Medicine – Dr. V. Saratchandra
  3. Gold Medal in Neurology – Dr.M.Anuradha
  4. Dr.T.Srinivasn Memorial Gold Medal – Dr.M.Anuradha
  5. Dr.N.V.S. Naidu memorial Gold Medal – Dr.M.R.Ramya
11. Seminars conducted
Regular seminars on important and recent aspects of Medicine are being conducted fortnightly. About 100 such seminars were conducted till date.
Regular journal clubs are also being conducted.
12. Chairperson --Dr.K.S.R. Swamy, MD., Professor chaired the session in State Conference, API 2011.
13. Our faculty members have also given Guest Lectures in various other institutions.
  1. Guest Lecture in GSL University CME., Dr.C.S.S.SarmaMD., Professor Approach to Headache.
  2. Guest Lecture in KIMS, University CME., Dr.S.S.K.R. BhimeswaraRao, Hypertension .
  3. Dr.T.Srinivasan memorial Oration – Dr.A.Veera Raja – Fever approach.



Research Activities

The Department of Medicine feels proud to mention the research work done by the great physician, teacher and scientist Dr.N.V.S.Nayudu who conducted research work on SICKLE CELL DISEASE AND THALASSEMIAS ". The research work done by him has led to recognition of newer hemoglobins like Hb KD, Hb RAMPA and Hb GODAVARI. He attended various national & international conferences, work shops, seminars on Genetics and Haemoglobinopathies, and presented papers on his original research work. He organized an U.G.C. sponsored National Work Shop on Haemoglobinopathies in February, 1986 at Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada.

Undergraduate: Mr. G. Kiran Kumar, a student of second year MBBS awarded Short term studentship by ICMR, New Delhi during 2006 for the project titled “ Prevalence of Cardiovascular disorders in Diabetic patients” (Sanction No 21/8/2006-BMS).

Postgraduates: PG thesis work is being done regularly in the department

New equipment

  1. Multi Monitors
  2. Ventilators
  3. Portable X-Ray
  4. Bedside Ultrasound Machine
  5. Erba Semi Auto Analyser
  6. ABG machine
  7. EEG machine
  8. Pulse Oxymeters
  9. ECG Machines
  10. Infusion Pumps
  11. Defibrillators
  12. ECG Monitors
  13. Cardiac Monitors
  14. Nebuilizers
  15. Spiro Meter and other equipment
  16. Endotracheal tubes
  17. Laryngoscope
  18. Central Oxygen & Suction facilities


Surgical Procedures