History of Department

The department of General surgery, RMC, was started way back in 1958 at the old hospital building. It was started as two units in the Head Quarters Hospital which was upgraded to General hospital by the Government in 1959 to serve as a teaching hospital attached to Rangaraya Medical Collage.
Presently the Department is situated in the surgical block behind the op block with 7 Units. It has 5 male wards, 4 female wards, 1 post-operative ward and 1 SICU. The op room in the adjacent to the orthopaedic op and psychiatry op on the ground floor of the op block.
The department was subsequently expanded to 6 units in 1999 and further expanded to 7 units. Many eminent surgeons and professors have contributed to this department.
Presently the department of General surgery is having 7 units, headed by 5 Professors, 6 Associate Professors, 9 Assistant professors. Every year 12 postgraduates join in the department under Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences.
The Department is headed by Dr. P. V. Buddha who has taken charge from Dr. R. Mahalakshmi - the present Principal of RMC.


Dr. M. Krishna Murthy M.S


Dr. M. Narayana swamy M.S


Dr. B. Shanmukeshwar Rao M.S

16-5-1964 to 19-12-1968

Dr. T. Srinivasa Rao M.S

20-12-1968 to 30-4-1974

Dr. K. R. R. Mohan Rao M.S

1-05-1974 to 30-11-1974

Dr. N. Venkateswara Rao M.S

1-12-1974 to 31-10-1975

Dr. B. Shanmukeshwar Rao M.S

1-11-1975 to 31-07-1976

Dr. N. Venkateswara Rao M.S

1-08-1976 to 1-12-1978

Dr. C. V. Krishna Rao M.S

2-02-1978 to 31-01-1979

Dr. P. G. V. Ranga Rao M.S

1-12-1979 to -05-03 -1980

Dr. T. Srinivas Rao M.S

06-03-1980 to 27-02-1983

Dr. C.V.Krishna Rao M.S

28-02-1983 to 21-06-1985

Dr. R. S.N. Reddy M.S

22-06-1985 to 30-06- 1986

Dr. T. Srinivas Rao M.S

1-07-1986 to 31-12-1986

Dr. A. S. G. Muralidhar M.S

1-01-1987 to 23-06-1987

Dr. C. Surya Prakash Rao M.S

24-06-1987 to 28-06-1993

Dr. V.J.B. Venkata Raju M.S

29-06-1993 to 11-11-1993

Dr. Dr. C. Surya Prakash Rao M.S; F.I.C.S; F.A.I.M.S

12-11-1993 to 15-09-1994

Dr. J. B. Venkata Rao M.S

16-09-1994 to 31-10-1994

Dr. R. Venkata Ramana M.S

1-11-1994 to -23-06-1995

Dr. T. Ghanasyam Singh Varma M.S

24-06-1995 to 31-08-1995

Dr. R. Venkata Ramana M.S

1-09-1995 to 1-06-1996

Dr. K. G. Rama Krishna M.S

2-06-1996 to 31-12-1997

Dr. Sri Rama Chandra Murthy M.S

1-01-1998 to 28-02-1999

Dr. R. Ramudu M.S

1-03-1999 to 06-04-2000

Dr. N. Venkata Rao M.S

07-04-2000 to 31-12-2001

Dr. S. Rajkumar M.S

01-01-2002 to 31-07-2008

Dr. N. Mohan Rao M.S

01-08-2008 to 31-05-2009

Dr. K. Babji M.S; M.Ch(Neuro)

01-06-2009 to

Dr. R. Mahalakshmi M.S


Dr. P. V. Buddha M.S


HOD and Faculty Details

Post Details Name of Employee
Professor of Surgery Dr.R.Maha Lakshmi
Professor & HOD Dr.P.Venkata Buddha
Professor of Surgery Dr.D.S.V.L.Narasimham
Professor of Surgery Dr.D.Abhivardhan
Professor of Surgery Dr. N. Srinivasa Rao
Assoc.Professor of Surgery Dr.A.Kishore Babu
Assoc.Professor of Surgery Dr.K.S.Satya Vani
Assoc.Professor of Surgery Dr.S.Venkata Reddy
Assoc.Professor of Surgery Dr.M.Sree Sailaja Rani
Asst. Professor of Surgery Dr.N.Durga Prasad
Asst. Professor of Surgery Dr.S.Veerabhadra Rao
Asst. Professor of Surgery Dr.CHVV.Siva Kumar
Asst. Professor of Surgery Dr.G.Rajini Devi
Asst. Professor of Surgery Dr. M. Samanth kumar
Asst. Professor of Surgery Dr.M.Surendra Varma
Asst. Professor of Surgery Dr.K.Rama Rao
Asst. Professor of Surgery Dr. Ch. Venkata raddy

Teaching facilites

Undergraduate teaching programme
Theory classes:
  1. 9 - 10am
  2. 12 - 2pm
Clinics : 10am - 12pm
Ward ending theory and practical exam being conducted to gauge the extent of the knowledge of the student after every ward posting.

Post graduate teaching programme
Every day from 3 - 4pm
Every Monday and Friday case presentation by P.G's
Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays seminars by P.G's
Every Thursday lecture class by 1 unit or by super speciality departments.

Academic Achievements

  1. workshop on endosurgical thyroidectomies and hysterectomies by Dr. K .Thirumala Prasad in December 2016 in Rmc
  2. Zonal cme in gsl medical college in January 2017
  3. Cme in general surgical topics in August
  4. Dr.Anusha won best paper award in APASICON 2016 in Visakhapatnam
  5. PG's were runners in quiz in APASICON2016 in Visakhapatnam
  6. PG's presented 3 papers in APASICON 2016.
  7. Workshop in UGIE October 2016 in RMC
  8. Zonal cme in gsl rajuhmundry in April 2016
  9. Workshop on basic laproscopic procedures in April 2016
  10. Best outgoing student of 2013-2016 - DR Sushma
  11. Workshop on Basic Surgical Skill on 13-10-2012, from Ethican by Dr.Y.Bolosetty
  12. Workshop on Basic Laproscopic workshop on 25-8-2012, Dr. Radhakrishn, Mch, from Apolo, Chennai
  13. Workshop on Perianal surgery on 20-11-2011 by Muthai from Global Hospital., Hyderabad
  14. HOD surgery a CME Lecture on Leg & foot ulcers in APASICON 2012 on 28-08-2011
  15. P.G’s presented 5 papers in APASICON 2012 at Hyderabad
  16. HOD surgery attended international conference at Dubai of Colerectal Surgeries of India on 26-09-2012 to 28-09-2012
  17. Dr. Bhimareddy has stood first in South India Quiz on Esophagna conducted by M.M.C.Chennai

Year wise OP, IP. & Surgeries Statistics of Dept. of General Surgery From 2005 to May - 2017

2005 46164 5671 3571 3429 7000
2006 38662 5986 3612 3456 7068
2007 48180 6063 3695 3550 7245
2008 47652 5991 3765 3765 7530
2009 57168 7521 4106 3415 7521
2010 69950 5149 3705 3633 7338
2011 72052 6032 2945 3516 6461
2012 79524 6049 3299 3275 6574
2013 70075 6558 3568 3007 6575
2014 87677 6394 3916 3564 7480
2015 89592 5802 3137 4377 7514
2016 86810 6385 3402 5395 8797
2017 Jan to may 35201 2565 1392 2367 3759


Research Activities

The dissertations of 2015-2018 batch:


Dr. M. Nikhil

S-I unit

A clinical study on diagnosis and management of cervical lymphadenopathy


Dr. G. Krishna rao

S-I unit

A clinical study on thermal burns in adults in tertiary care hospital for a period of two years


Dr. L. Apparao

S-II unit

A clinical study on etiopathogenesis and change in trends in carcinoma stomach


Dr. B. Rajesh

S-II unit

A clinical study on etiopathogenesis and management of ischemic limb disease


Dr. Varun Prakash

S-III unit

A clinical study on diagnosis and management of subacute intestinal obstruction


Dr. M. Mounika Chowdary

S-III unit

A clinical study on incisional hernia


Dr. David salivendra

S-IV unit

A clinical study on diabetic foot and its management


Dr.K. Gowthami

S-IV unit

A clinical study on diagnosis and management of colorectal malignancies


Dr. V. Venkata Narayana

S-V unit

A clinical study on complications of general laparoscopic procedures in tertiary care hospital, Kakinada


Dr. V.Surya Prakash

S-V unit

A clinical study on chronic pancreatitis- its etiopathogenesis and management


Dr. P. Amala

S-VI unit

A clinical study of benign breast disease


Dr. V. T. P. Mahider

S-VI unit

A clinical study on carcinoma thyroid

Faculty publications

  1. Tensor fascia lata flap for large inguinal defects after inguinal block dissection for carcinoma penis.
  2. Surgical feeding gastrostomy –use of endotracheal tube in place of conventional tubes.
  3. Thoracoabdominal flap for resurfacing large post mastectomy defects in locally advanced carcinoma breast.
    Jebmh/volume 2/isse 6/2015/pg 699-704
  4. Bile spillage in laparoscopic cholecystectomy – is it important or ignorable.
    Doi: 10.18410/jebmh/2015/889
  1. comparison between minimally invasive endoscopic hydrocoelectomy and open subtotal excision
  2. cinical study on soft tissue sarcoma cases in south indian teritiary hospital
    JMSCR volume 03 issue 5 may 56315639
  1. Verrucous carcinoma in unusual sites -a case series.
    Doi 10.1410/jebmh/2015/911
  2. Case series of phlloides tumour of breast
    Jebmh/vol2/issue47/2015/pg 8340
  3. A case study of epidemiology, clinicopathological, clinicoradiological correlation management and followup of carcinoma breast.
  1. Seton- As a gold standard treatment for high fistula-in-ano.
    JEBMH-vol2/issue 11/march 16,2015
  2. Diabetic foot disease in KGH,visakapatnam, a descriptive study on 100 patients.
    JEBMH,VOL2/issu 11,march 16,2015,pg 1717-1724
  1. A clinical study on post thyroidectomy hypocalcemia.
    Doi 10.9790/08531612043449
  1. A clinic pathological study of colorectsl carcinomas for aperiod of two years.
    JEBMH 2015;2(60),9000-02.DOI:10.18410/jebmh/2015/1276
  2. Thoracoabdominal flap for rsurfacing large post mastectomy defects in locally advanced carcinoma breast.
    JEBMH;volume 2,issue 6,February 9,2015:page:699-704
  1. A clinical study on post thyroidectomy hypocalcemia.
  1. A clinical study of electrical burns among all burns cases – 3 years experience
    JEVMH 2017:4(70),4155 -4157. DOI:10.18410/JEBMH/2017/827
  2. Management of hollow viscus gastric and duodenal perforation cases by surgical versus non operative management, a comparitive study
    Int J sci study 2015,2(10),page 86-89
  3. A clinical study of sigmoid volvulus in acute intestinal obstruction cases. A 3 years experience
  1. A clinical study on gastric outlet obstruction in a south indian teaching hospital.
    Jebmh, vol 2,issue 42,oct 19,2015,pg 7288-7295
  2. A case of apocrine gland carcinoma of right axilla with right cervical lymphdenopathy.
    Medical science 2014,4(12),39-41
  1. A comparitive study between lateral sphincterotomy and diltizem.

New equipment

  1. Portable ultrasound in sicu
  2. Gastroscope and biopsy forceps
  3. Harmonic scalpel
  4. 1 latest laparoscopic unit
  5. Laparoscopic simulator
  6. Ligasure

Surgical Procedures

  1. Cervical sympathectomy for upper limb ischemia
  2. Hemimandubilectomy for gct
  3. Laproscopic cystogastrotomy
  4. Exploratory laparotomy for omental sarcoma
  5. Exploratory laparotomy for multiple omental lipomas
  6. Left oophorectomy from macburney's incision
  7. Adrenelectomy for right pheochromocytoma
  8. Right hemicolectomy for a 20 week primi gravida for transverse colon carcinoma
  9. Video assisted thyroidectomies
  10. Laproscopic cystectomy for simple liver cysts