History of Department

The Origin of Department of Orthopaedics in Rangaraya Medical College dates back to July 1960 when the government sanctioned two tutor posts in Orthopaedics.  Later in November 1960 one of the posts was upgraded to that a lecturer.  Dr.B.P.Varma took charge as the first lecturer in Orthopaedics on 01.02.1961.  Late Dr.B.Venkatarao,M.S.,(Ortho) succeeded him in may 1962, and he was the person who designed the A.P.I.O.A Symbol.

            In October 1962 the Government sanctioned two more tutor posts in Orthopaedics.  In 1965 Dr.P.Rangachari, B.Sc.,M.S.,(Ortho) took over as lecturer in Orthopaedics in September 1966.  The lecturer post was updated to a professor and Dr.P.Rangachari the then lecturer became the first Professor of Orthopaedics and continued till 1968 after which Dr.P.Sundaraiah,M.S.,(Ortho) took charge of the Department.  The first batch of Post Graduates commenced in 1979 Dr.V.Satyadev was the first Post Graduate from Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada.

            In 1979/80 the Department of Physiotherapy was started.  II unit of Orthopaedics was started in 1981.  The Department of Traumatology presently III unit was started in 1989.  Presently the Department consist 3 units headed by Dr.Y.Nageswara Rao,M.S.,(Ortho) Professor and HOD.

            Dr.B.S.S.Venkateswarulu, M.S.,(Ortho) being Professor IInd  unit and Dr.D.Prabodh Kumar,M.S.,(Ortho) being Associate Professor , I/C IIIrd  unit.

            The Total bed strength of the Department is 110 with separate wards for male and female patients and a post operative ward with 21 beds.

            Department of Orthopaedics Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada has been conducting academic activities regularly.  The first Annual Conference of A.P.I.O.A was conducted in 1973 in Rangaraya Medical College followed by the 10th and 21st & 32nd Annual Conferences in 1979, 1989 and 2002 respectively.

            Regular Annual Work Shops are being conducted in Orthopaedics Department  Rangaraya Medical College, since 1997 successfully.

3. Name of the Professors:  1. Dr.Y.Nageswara Rao, M.S.,(Ortho), Prof. & HOD.

                                                2. Dr.BSS.Venkateswararao,M.S.,(Ortho), Professor.

                                               3. Dr.D.Prabodh Kumar,M.S.,(Ortho), Assoc.Professor.


  1. Separate 20 bedded Post Operative ward adjoining Male Orthopaedics ward:  The cots in the ward were donated by NFCL, the tiles were donated by Regency Ceramics and fans were donated by patients.
  2. Four Colour TV sets to four wards for the benefit of bed ridden patients donated by private people.
  3. Separate duty room for PG’s was constructed in Male Orthopaedic ward, and the three Professors room were renovated AC were provided by raising donations.
  4. Physiotherapy unit was renovated during 2000, and entire electric and physical therapy Equipment was procured through funds raised through NRI Dr.Mutyala Satyanarayana Murthy with a matching grant from Rotary International amounting 8 lakhs.  The Physiotherapy block was named after his mother Smt.Mutyala.Padmavathi.
  5. Artificial limbs & Caliper assembling Work Shop was started with the donation of 1.1/2 lakhs given by Sri.U.V.Krishnam Raju farmer MP of Kakinada.
  6. Dr.Mutyala.Satyanarayana Murthy & rotary again promised to update the Physiotherapy unit after reviewing the performance, and to donate has decided 10 lakhs.  The physiotherapy block was renovated by replacing the tiled roof with a concrete slab.
  7. The Artificial Limbs & Caliper assembling unit will be accommodated in the same building.
  8. The casualty & Traumatology Millennium Block was constructed as per MCI norms and started functioning from 2003.
  9. A part of the female Orthopaedic ward have been renovated with or 100 seat AC Orthopaedic Conference half for conduction of Seminars for PGs & CME Programmes.  It was named as “Smt.USHA MEMORIAL ORTHOPAEDIC CONFERENCE HALL”.
  10. In view of the increase in the No of patients getting admitted, additional accommodation of 50 bedded ward with separate Orthopaedic Operation Theatre was sanctioned by the govt. of cost of 65 lakhs and it is nearing completion.

I am extremely thankful to all media friends for there constructed criticism and suggestions during my tenure as full additional charge Superintendent, Kakinada for one year 10 months.

HOD and Faculty Details

Post Details Name of Employee
Professor & HOD Dr.Y.Nageswara Rao
Professor of Orthopedics Dr.B.S.S. Venkateswarulu
Professor of Orthopedics Dr.D.Prabodh Kumar
Assoc. Prof. of Orthopedics Dr.G.S.Mukharji
Asst. Prof. of Orthopedics Dr. B.Pardha Saradhi
Asst. Prof. of Orthopedics Dr. R.Madhu
Asst. Prof. of Orthopedics Dr.B.Srinivasa Rao
Asst. Prof. of Orthopedics Dr.L.Kiran Kumar
Asst. Prof. of Orthopedics Dr.S.Ramesh Chandra Kumar
Asst. Prof. of Orthopedics Dr.C.J.Mani Kumar
Asst. Prof. of Orthopedics Dr.K.Praveen Siva Kumar

Teaching facilites

Academic Achievements

  1. The Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology Rangaraya Medical College and govt. General Hospital Kakinada has been conducting CMEs & Work Shop since 1996, the 12th CME is being planned in the month of 2007.
  2. The Annual Conferences of AP Chapter of IOA was conducted during 1979, 1989 and 2002.
  3. During 2002 the 32nd Annual Conference of AP Chapter of IOA was conducted with record No. of delegates attended & record number of papers presented.
  4. Several Papers were presented during State Orthopaedic Conference and National Conferences.
  5. Dr.C.Hanumantha Rao,M.S.,(Ortho) Prof. & HOD of Orthopaedics was the visiting faculty to Several CmEs conducted, i.e., HOME (Hyderabad) SCORE (Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai), Govt. Medical College, Berhampur Orissa, Bangalore Warangal.
  6. Several Orthopaedic visiting Surgeons from UK i.e., Dr.S.Halader, Dr.Somasekhar Reddy, Dr.S.Srinivas, Dr.G.Srinath delivered lectures during the CMEs conducted.
  7. Conducted Several Polio Corrective Surgeries, and provided Calipers with the help of local social Organisation “Umamanovikasa Kendram” Kakinada.
  8. Condcuted Corrective hand Surgeries for Hansen patients with the help of Dr.Vijaya Kumar of Calcutta.
  1. Dr.C.Hanumantha Rao,MS.,(Ortho) received “Orthopaedic Excellency Award” Instituted by M/S Systopic Laboratories Delhi., Selected by Dr.Dave former Director of AIIMS New Delhi.
  2. Dr.C.Hanumantha Rao was given “Appreciation Award” for best services rendered by the Dist. Administration for three times.
  3. Dr.C.Hanumantha Rao was Awarded Gold Medal for his paper presented in the Annual State Orthopaedic Conference during 1978.
  4. Dr.Y.Venkateswararao,M.S.,(Ortho) Prof. of Orthopaedics was given “Appreciation Award by Dist Administration twice.
  5. Dr.V.Satya Dev,M.S.,(Ortho) Prof. of Orthopaedics was Awarded Gold Medal from St.John’s Ambulance Association from the Governor.
  6. Dr.Y.Nageswara Rao,MS(Ortho) Prof. & HOD of Orthopaedics was Awarded Dr.Vgaghreswarudu Gold Medal in Post Graduation for Andhra University.
  7. Dr.Y.Nageswara Rao,MS(Ortho) Prof. & HOD of Orthopaedics presented two Scientific Papers  in Post Graduate in APIOA Conference on
    1. Temproromandibular Ankylosis surgical Treatment. l
    2. Recurrent dislocation of Shoulder, Results of Putti Pkt Operations
    3. As Asst.Professor of Orthopaedics presented more than of 4 papers in Orthopaedics Conferences.
  8. Dr.V.Satyadev, M.S.,(Ortho) Prof. of Orthopaedics unanimously Elected as Secretary of AP Chapter of Indian Orthopaedic Association (OSSAP) from 2004 to 2006.
  9. No. of Post Graduates Trained:  75  (1979 to 2012).


Research Activities

  1. 2011 – Professors ,Assoc.Profs, Asst.Profs. and  Post Graduates attend                  

                  Basic Fracture fixation at Mumbai.

  1. 2011 – Professors, Assoc.Profs., Asst.Profs and  Post Graduates attend

              IOA-CON-2012 at Delhi.

1) March 2012 – Professors, Assoc.Profs., Asst.Profs and  Post Graduates attend               
                                   OSSAP Conference at G.S.L Medical College, Rajahmundry.

    Presented Papers:   Dr.Seshagiri, PG, Dr.Srenubabu, PG, Dr.Ramanjaneyulu,PG
                                     Dr.Ramachandram,PG, Dr.Nagaraju, PG, Dr.Gopilal, PG
                                     Dr.Pradeep,PG, ,Dr.Purusothamarao,Sr.Res. and 
                                     Dr.M.Aditya Krishna, Sr.Res.

      2) October 2012 – Professors, Assoc.Profs.,Asst.Profs. and  Post Graduates attend 
                                     Basic Fracture Fixation at Mumbai.

     3) November 2012 – All Post Graduates attend Teaching Programme at

  1. December 2012 – Professors, Assoc.Profs, Asst.Profs and  Post Graduates attend

                                   IOA-CON at Chennai.

     Presented PapersDr.MD.QA.Azeez,P.G, ,and Dr.Aditya Krishna.M,Sr.Res.

  1. 2012 -                 All Post Graduates attend all Zonal C.M.Es of


  1. 2012 -                 All Post Graduates attend Teaching Programmes at

                                                    Vizag, & Guntur


New equipment

a) C-Arm (Philips)                                           : 2001
                        b) Diagnostic Arthroscopy                              : 2002
                        c) Inter Locking Nailing Sets                          :  04
                        d) Arthroscopy Hip Sets                                 :  02
                        e) Power Drills                                                :  02.

2) Improvement of Traumatology Block procurement of Traumatology Equipment through Trauma funds of 1.5 crores sanctioned by central Government with help of our Kakinada MP Sri.M.m.Pallam Raju.

3) Dr.Deichman Chairman of AMG International, Germany has promised to give funds for the purchase of ‘C-Arm’ & Operation theatre Equipment for the Separate Orthopaedic Operation Theatre which is newly constructed.
4) One LCD Projector and a Digital Camera was donated by old M.S.,Orthopaedic Post Graduates of Rangaraya Medical College who are working in U.K.

      1. Trochanteris Fractures follow-up results.
      2. Moores Replacement – follow up results.
      3. Ilizarov Non –Union of tibia - follow up results.
      4. Osteoclastoma   Femur with Turn Grafting.
      5. Dr.Y.Nageswara Rao ,MS(Ortho) Prof. & HOD
      6. 5)Dr.Y.Nageswara Rao ,MS(Ortho) Prof. & HOD

        1. Conducted successfully workshop on INDUS KNEE REPLACEMENT AND made of a regular procedure every week.
        2. Post Graduate instructor for various Post Graduate Programmes of NTR Health Universities.
        3. Delivered CME Lectures in Local CMEs on State APIOA.
        4. Dr.Y.Nageswara Rao,MS(Ortho) Prof. & HOD was Awarded
           “ Best Doctor Award”  by District Administration 2012.

        1. Dr.MPR.Vital,M.S.,(Ortho) Asst.Prof. of Orthopaedics was Awarded best Appreciation Certificate by District Administration 2002.
        2. Dr.D.Prabodh Kumar, M.S.,(Ortho) Assoc.Prof.. of Orthopaedics was Awarded Best Appreciation Certificate by Health Secretary Mrs. Rachel Chatterjee for his dedicated work for disabled Children and Best Doctor Award by District Collector 1997 on Republic day.
        3. Dr.D.Prabodh Kumar, MS(Ortho) Assoc. Prof. of Orthopaedics  Formed KOA (Kakinada Orthopaedic Academy) Feb.2009 to Feb.2010 conducted eighteen CMEs throughout the period (Feb.2009 to Feb2010) and conducted Academic feast in the form of Guest Lectures on Feb.7th 2010. 
          ( 9 AM  to 6 PM) by eminent Orthopaedic Surgeons all over the State.
        4. Dr.D.Prabodh Kumar, MS(Ortho) Assoc. Prof. of Orthopaedics  Conducted Quiz Programme for Post Graduates in OSSAP Conference continuously for three years held at different places of AP State.
        5. Dr.D.Prabodh Kumar ,MS(Ortho) Assoc. Prof. of Orthopaedics  Presented Paper in State Conference at Hyderabad 2010.
        6. Dr.D.Prabodh Kumar ,MS)Ortho) Assoc.Prof. of Orthopaedics  Presented Paper in OASIS Conference at Hyderabad 2011.
        7. Dr.D.Prabodh Kumar, MS(Ortho) Assoc. Prof. of Orthopaedics   Paper    on Minimally  invasure DHS how I do ?  an original article is published in JOASIS (Journal)  2011.


      1. Dr.C.Hanumantha Rao, M.S.,(Ortho) Prof. & HOD of Orthopaedics unanimously Elected as President A.P Chapter of Indian Orthopaedics Association for the year 2003.
      2. Dr.C.Hanumantha Rao, M.S.,(Ortho) Prof. & HOD of Orthopaedics was Elected as A.P State Representation and Executive member of Indian Orthopaedics Association.
      3. Dr.C.Hanumantha Rao,M.S.,(Ortho) Prof. & HOD of Orthopaedics was selected as Academic Senate Member of NR+TR University of Health Science for 2007.

Surgical Procedures