History of Department


  • Dr.S.V.Lakshmi Narayana
  • Dr. K.Srinivasa Reddy
  • M.D, Dr. M.Meher Kumar M.D
  • Prof. & HOD, Dr. M.Syamala Devi
  • M.D, Dr. V.Uma
  • Dr. P.V.V.Lakshmi, M.D
  • Sr N.Rajesh,
  • Dr. M.Ratna Deepthi
  • Dr. Moses Samuel
  • Dr. A.V.Suresh Babu
  • Sri. P.Apparao
  • Smt. P.Mutyalamma
  • Smt.A.V.S.Kalavathi


HOD and Faculty Details

Post Details Name of Employee
Professor of Physiology Dr. M.Mehar Kumar
Professor of Physiology Dr.M.Syamala Devi
Assoc. Prof. of Physiology Dr.K.Srinivasa Reddy
Assoc. Prof. of Physiology Dr.V.Uma
Assoc. Prof. of Physiology Vacant
Asst. Prof. of Physiology Dr.P.V.V. Lakshmi
Asst. Prof. of Physiology Dr.M.Ratna Deepthi
Asst. Prof. of Physiology Dr.Ch.Sri Latha
Tutor Dr.K.Laxmoji Naidu
Tutor Dr. V.Satya Srinivas
Asst. Prof. of Physiology Dr.N.Sharmila
Reader in Physiology Vacant

Teaching facilites

Academic Achievements

  1. 2011- July – Last Sunday – Zonal CME, Physiology Successfully organized at this Centre, Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada, Professor & HOD, AMC, Vizag attended as guest speaker, along with Dr.M.Meher Kumar MD,  Professor & HOD Dr.K.Srinivasa Reddy, Asst.Professor, Dr.V.Uma,Asst.Professor, Dr.S.V.Lakshminarayana, Tutor The remaining doctors in Physiology Department Successfully attended this CME
  2. 2011-December – two teaching doctors – Dr.P.V.V.Lakshmi MD. Asst.Professor, Dr.M. Ratna Deepti, Service PG attended National conference, physiology, centre – NRI Medical College, Vijayawada.
  3. 2012 – July – Last Sunday – Dr.Meher Kumar MD Professor & HOD, Dr.A.V.Suresh Babu, MD-PG and  Dr.M. Ratna Deepthi, Service PG Successfully attended zonal CME – centre – GSL Medical College, Rajahmundry.
  4. 2012 – December – Dr. M.Meher Kumar MD,  Professor & HOD, Dr. P.V.V. Lakshmi, Asst.Professor, Dr. A.V.Suresh Babu MD-PG, Dr. M.Ratna Deepti Service PG Successfully attended National Conference in Vizag  Dr. M. Meher Kumar MD,  Professor & HOD & Dr. M.Ratna Deepti presented scientific papers


Research Activities

New equipment

Surgical Procedures