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The history of department of anaesthesia at Kakinada dates back to the time period of 1958, when The Government Hospital at Kakinada was a District Hospital, when it was managed by an Assistant Surgeon who is not a qualified anaesthetist.
With the starting of RANGARAYA MEDICAL COLLEGE in 1958 the Government District Head Quarters Hospital has been upgraded as a General Hospital in 1959 to serve as Teaching Hospital. The first known Head Of The Department was DR.JAMES PAUL, in 1962,later in 1965 DR.BHASKAR NAIDU HEADED THE DEPARTMENT as the First Civil Surgeon Specialist
In 1967 when DR.BHASKARNAIDU left for Australia, DR. JAMES PAUL again headed the department as a civil surgeon specialist in 1970 Dr. James Paul was transferred to Guntur.
Then DR,CV SUBBARAO became the First Professor of  Anaesthesiology at kakinada and retired from service in 1975.
Between 1975 and 1978, no civil surgeon was posted, The department was being managed by DR T GOPAL KRISHNA first in the capacity of an assistant surgeon  and later in 1977 as deputy civil surgeon .during this year’s much difficulty was experienced in managing the department as the department did not have qualified anaesthetists a art From DR,GOPAL KRISHNA. It was during this period, the ANDHRAUNIVERSITY Post graduate commission visited RANGARAYA MEDICAL COLLEGE, Kakinada, to assess the feasibility of starting pg courses .The first batch of 2 pg students one each for diploma and degree courses, joined the dept of anaesthesia in January 1978 .DR.PREMALATHA KRISHNA Murthy was promoted and posted as Professor Of Anaesthesia at kakinada in 1978, on her return from England. when she left for Vishakhapatnam in august 1978, there was again a gap in the professorial post, subsequently DR M SREERAM worked as professor in kakinada from September 1978-dec 1978.again  T DR.GOPAL KRISHNA headed the  dept as Deputy Civil Surgeon.
He was later regularly promoted as Professor of Anaesthesiology in December 1979.
In 1981 2nd unit of anaesthesiology was started and Dr. Asr Murthy joined as professor in June 1983 Dr. K. Harinath Babu took over as the head of the department of anaesthesia when T GOPAL KRISHNA was transferred to Kurnool, in September 1983 GOPAL KRISHNA again was posted as head of department of anaesthesia, which positioned he retain till his retirement in 1992.
In 1985 3rd unit of anaesthesia was sanctioned and Dr. Asr Murthty joined again as professor .Between 1985-1987, DR DVK MENON WAS THE HOD.
1992 DR P JAGGARAO Became The HOD And Later B RAGHAVENDRA RAO, DR. R RANGARAO , DR. V HARINATH BABU,DR R PRATAP DR..A.SKAMESHEWARA RAO, headed the department, the present professor and HOD DR,B SOWBHAGYA LAKSHMI attend the posting in 2012 ,in 2010 MD anaesthesiology seats were increases from 3-6 along with 6 diploma seats
Total number MD seats are 12 in number again in 2016 MD seats were increased from 6-12 so the total number of seats now are 18 per year.