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Dr. D. S. V. L. Narasimham M.S.

Rangaraya Medical College is a pioneer in medical education and health services in the thickly populated Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh. Having completed 60 successful years, the college prides itself in being ranked as one of the best in India.

Dr. P. Venkata Buddha , M.S


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Vision and Mission

The college aims to provide quality medical education to fulfil the needs of the society as per its socio-economic structure as enunciated in the core principles,.

The college believes that its alumni should not only be efficient doctors who are proficient in the art and science of allopathic medicine but also good human beings with high moral and ethical standards.

The college believes that the doctors it trains not be viewed as gods but friends the patient can trust and open up to receive the best medical care.

The college aims to inculcate a spirit of dedication along with scientific excellence, commitment and clinical acumen in tandem, compassion over passion, and empathy in addition to sympathy.

The college believes in the all-round development of the young adults who will be graduating as mature professionals to shoulder the responsibilities of a care giver whom the society respects as an intellectual.

The college strongly believes that it has a responsible role to provide high-quality health care to the society through a well-equipped, and well-staffed modern tertiary care hospital with a personal touch.

The college believes the human face of medical care is not lost in the gadgetry and mechanisation of modern medical care.

All in all, Rangaraya Medical College aims to contribute efficient, ethical and responsible clinicians who are model citizens committed to deliver holistic health care and be worthy of the people's trust.

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Ankur - 19th Oct 2018

Medical Exhibition - 5th Nov 2018

Foundation Day - 17th Nov 2018

Faculty Day - 8th Dec 2018

Ramcosa Celebration - 5th & 6th Jan 2019

Medi Feast - March 2019

Teachers Day - 5th Sep 2019

Valedictory Function - 17th Nov 2019