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Study on clinical presentation of GIST - Dr . R. MAHALAKSHMI, M.S.

A clinical study of laparoscopic vs open hernia repair in umblical and paraumblical Hernia - Dr. P.V.BUDDHA,M.S.

A clinical study of efficacy of prophylactic and empirical antibiotic use in clean contaminated general surgical procedures - Dr. P.V.BUDDHA, M.S ,Dr.K.Satyavani , M.S

A clinical study of intestinal obstruction - Dr.P.V.BUDDHA,M.S

Thoracoabdominal flap covering in large post-mastectomy defects – Dr.N.SRINIVASA RAO,M.S.

Study on bile spillage in laparoscopic cholecystectomy – is it important or ignorable ? –Dr.N.SRINIVASA RAO,M.S.

Surgical feeding gastrostomy – using endotracheal feeding tube in place of conventional feeding tube – Dr.N.SRINIVASA RAO,M.S.

Tensor fascia lata flap for large inguinal defects after after inguinal block dissection - DR.N.SRINIVASA RAO,M.S.

Clinical study of soft tissue sarcoma cases in south indian teaching hospitals - Dr.D.ABHIVARDHAN,M.S.

Verrucous carcinoma of leg – A rare variant of squamous cell carcinoma in a unsual site – a case report– Dr.D.ABHIVARDHAN,M.S.

Comparision b/w minimally invasive endoscopichydrocelectomy and subtotal excision – Dr.D.ABHIVARDHAN,M.S.

Single port vs two-port appendicectomy – Dr. NARESH,M.S.

Seton – As a gold standard for high fistula-in-ano– Dr.A.KISHORE BABU,M.S.

Diabetic foot disease in KGH,Vskp – A descriptive study of 100 pts – Dr.A.KISHORE BABU,M.S

Seroma formation in cancer breast surgery – Dr.SITARAM,M.S. and Dr.HEMANTHI,M.S.

Study on comparision of the effect of topical insulin with normal saline dressing in healing of Diabetic foot ulcer – Dr.S.VENKATAREDDY,M.S.c

Management of gastric and duodenal perforation by surgical vs nonoperative methods – Dr.N.DURGA PRASAD,M.S.

Clinical study of sigmoid volvulus in acute intestinal obstruction – Dr. N.DURGA PRASAD,M.S.

Intestinal obstruction by carcinoid tumour in ileum – Dr.N.DURGA PRASAD,M.S.

A case of apocrine gland Carcinoma of right axilla with ipsilateral Rt cervical lymphadenopathy – Dr. G.RAJINI DEVI,M.S.

Clinical study of electrical burns among all burn cases – Dr. K. RAMARAO,M.S.

Study on complications of Thyroid surgery at GGH,KKD – Dr.S.VEERABHADRA RAO,M.S.

A retrospective clinical study of abdominal TB at GGH, KKD –Dr.S.VEERABHADRA RAO,M.S.

Research Activities
• A clinical study on pseudocyst of pancreas – Dr.BasaviahChowdary,P.G.
• A clinical study on acute abdomen in GGH,KKD – Dr.DurgaPrasad,P.G.
• A clinical study on surgical site infections in GGH, KKD – Dr.RamakrishnaRaju,P.G.
• Role of diagnostic laparoscopy in evaluation of chronic pain – Dr.PadminiP.G.
• A clinical study on management of chronic pancreatitis – Dr. Nooruddin,P.G.
• Clinical study on carcinoma anorectum – Dr. KoormaRao,P.G.
• Two year prospective study in detrmining the difficult predictive factors for laparoscopic cholecystectomy – Dr. Subash,P.G.
• Clinicopathological study and management of parotid tumours – Dr. Praveen,P.G.
• Outcome of different open inguinal hernia surgical repairs
• Comparative study between fistulectomy and seton in fistula in ano regarding healing and postoperative complications – Dr. Ramu,P.G.
• A clinical study on etiopathogenesis, management and outcome of common bile duct stones in patients attending tertiary care hospital, Kakinada – Dr. Ravikumar,P.G.

• A clinical study on post operative complications of acute Gastrointestinal Perforation – Dr.PremKamal ,P.G.
• A clinical study and management of obstructive jaundice – Dr.DhanyaCharitha,P.G.
• A study of correlation between clinical diagnosis, FNAC and histopathological examination reports of thyroid swellings – Dr. Bhramaramba,P.G.
• Role of Epidermal Growth Factors in chronic ulcer healing – Dr. Mahidhar,P.G.
• Comparative study on laparoscopic vs open thyroidectomy – Dr.Pravallika, P.G.
• Study on incidence, etiology, clinical presentation, treatment modalities and outcome of Enterocutaneous Fistulas – Dr. Lavanya,P.G.
• Comparative study on various modalities in treatment of varicose veins – Dr. Vijay,P.G.
• Comparatve study on various outcomes of laparoscopic and open inguinal hernia surgeries – Dr. NaveenKumar,P.G.
• Comparative study between prophylactic antibiotic vs 7 days postoperative antibiotics in clean elective general surgical cases – Dr. Soujanya,P.G.
• Accuracy of Alvorado scoring system in in diagnosis of acute appendicitis – Dr.Bhaskar,P.G.
• Prospective study of combined scoring system for predicting mortality in gastrointestinal perforations – Dr.Madhuri,P.G.

• Role of lateral sphincterotomy in hemorrhoidectomy – Dr.Chandana,P.G.
• Comparative study of outcomes in various mesh repair techniques in management of incisional hernia – Dr. Srikanth,P.G.
• Role of Platelet rich plasma in management of non healing ulcers – Dr. Ananth Sai Kumar,P.G.
• Role of triple assessment in assessing breast lump – Dr.Ram Sanjeev Reddy,P.G.
• Comparative study on outcome of various surgical procedures in pilonidal sinus – Dr.RajaRao,P.G.
• Clinical study on periampullary carcinoma – Dr.Sreenivas,P.G.
• Role of off-loading in the management of diabetic foot – Dr. Sai Naga Sree,P.G.
• Role of collagen sheets usage in burns patients – Dr.Adilakshmi,P.G.
• Nil By Mouth vs fresh lime juice in improving gastrointestinal motility, wound healing, electrolyte imbalance in post operative gastrointestinal surgical cases – Dr.Fathima,P.G.
• Regular betadine dressings vs AG fix foam dressings in chronic non healing ulcer – Dr.RajSekhar,P.G.
• Clinical study on blunt injury abdomen – Dr.Ashok,P.G.
• Etiopathogenesis of gastic outlet obstruction – Dr.Sindhu, P.G.