Dr. Bhanu Prasad Memorial Trust

DrMoturuBhanuSankar Prasad, fondly known as Bhanu (Rangarayan 1961) to the family and friends showed constant affection, charming wit, lasting generosity and a constant obsession to help others. Bhanu passed away on October 25, 1994 leaving a loving wife, DrLalithaKumari (1965Rangarayan) and doting daughter Shanti. To celebrate Bhanu’s life, friends of Bhanu created DrBhanu Prasad Memorial Trust and raised money through TANA Foundation. The main purpose of the trust is to use the interest generated on the initial donation to purchase books and journals for the library, essential equipment for the laboratories and maintenance of the auditorium of Rangaraya Medical College. Govt. of AP has issued G.O on June 30,1995 to name the Auditorium of RangarayaMedicalCollege after DrBhanu Prasad and inauguration of the same took place on November 28,1995. An amount of $40,000/- was raised and a total of 13.5 lakh rupees were deposited initially in Andhra bank in Kakinada. Of the interest earned on the principal amount half was spent and half was added to the principal amount in the bank yearly. Since 1996 the trust has so far spent a total amount of Rs.18,72,197/-, mainly for books for the library. 787 text books and various journals were provided to the clinical library. Approximately Rs. 4,00,000/- was spent on the renovation of auditorium and Rs. 1.35/- lakhs was spent to provide internet facility to the library. The present assets of the trust in Fixed deposits is Rs.33.25 lakhs.