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  1. A Clinico – Immunological Profile Of Autoimmune Connective Tissue Disorders – Dr.Pooja Munnangi
  2. A Comparative Study Of Efficacy Of 10% Koh And 5% Imiquimod For The Treatment Of Molluscum Contagiosum- Dr.Ganga Bhavani Mathala
  3. Comparison Of Derma Roller With Subscision Versus Dermaroller Alone In The Management Of Acne Scars-- Dr.Srinu Chandra Tiragati.
  4. Role Of Trichoscopy In Evaluation Of Various Types Of Alopecia Dr.Doogana Vishali.
  5. Management Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases In Men Who Have Sex With Men And Heterosexual Males Attending Sti Clinic At Government General Hospital ,Kakinada- Dr.Panem Nazier
  6. Comparison Of Efficacy  Of Intralesional Vitamin D3 And Autoinoculation In The Treatment Of Cutaneous Warts – Dr.Kinnera Boina
  7. Comparison Of Efficacy Of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma Versus 5 -Fluorouracil Microneedling  Among  Vitiligo Patients On Narrow Band Ultraviolet -B Phototherapy – Dr.Suruthi Purushothaman

1.A Comparative Study of 10% KOH And 5% Imiquimod and 10% KOH solution For The Treatment Of Molluscum Contagiosum  in the paediatric patients – Dr.V. Nivedita Devi-IOSR Vol.17,Issue 2,p8-15
2. Colposcopic Evaluation Of STDs- IJSR Vol 12 Issue 3,2015 p337-342
3. Prevalence And Patterns of Genital Dermatoses In Children IJSR Vol 4 Issue 9 Sep 2015 (p1833 To 1839)
4. Study Of Seroprevalence Of HSV Infection At GGH,Kkd IJSR Vol 4 Issue 9 Sep 2015 p1840 To 1853
5. Study Of Herpes Zoster In HIV Patients In Relation To CD4 Count JEBMH Vol 2 Issue 41 Oct 2015 p 7045 -7055

1. Comparative study of metabolic syndrome markers in psoriatic patients and non psoriatic controls
2.A retrospective cohort study on the efficacy of metronidazole in patients with trichomoniasis at Rims Ggh,Srikakulam
3. Bullous Disease Of Childhood In Srikakulam District
4.A Retrospective Cohort Study On Incidence Of Trichomoniasis In High Risk Group Patients With Leucorrhea At Rims Ggh,Srikakulam
5 . A Study Of Rare Bullous Dermatoses Of Pediatric Age Group In At Rims Ggh,Srikakulam

1.Clinical ,Bacteriological,Histopathological Profile Of Childhood Leprosy
2.Comparative Study Between Intralesional MMR & Intralesional BCG In Treatment Of Verruca Vulgaris

  1. Suction Blister Grafting –Modality For Treating Resistant And Stable Vitiligo
  2. Cutaneous Manifestations Of Internal Malignancies –A Study Of 217 Cases

1.Clinical And Histopathological Study Of Basal Cell Carcinoma
2. Clinical And Histopathological Study Of PPE In HIV Patients
1 Diverse Presentation Of Cutaneous Metastasis Of Breast Cancer – Case Series – Dr.Srinu Chandra Tiragati
2.Epidermoplasia verruciformis in a HIV patient – a rare case report Dr.Doogana Vishali.
3. A Rare Case Of Early Congenital Syphilis With PDA – A Continuing Curse For Generations- Dr.Kinnera Boina