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The Department of General Medicine, Govt. General Hospital/Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada has participated in various academic activities.

1. Regional CME., AP Chapter of API. On 12.12.2010.

2. University CME’s Conducted
a. NTRUHSRegional PG CME in General Medicine., conducted at Department of Medicine on 24.4.2011.
b. NTRUHSRegional PG CME in General Medicine., conducted at Department of Medicine on 26.8.2012.
c.NTRUHS Regional PG CME in General Medicine., conducted at Department of Medicine on 24.07.2016

3. CME’s conducted by Department of Medicine:
i. Hepatology symposium - NAFLD by Dr.C.S.S.Sarma – 20.2.2010.
ii. Hypertension Management in CVD by Dr.A.Veerraja- 27.5.2010.
iii. Combination therapy in Malaria by Dr.P.SubbaRao – 22.7.2010
iv. Status of ARB across the cardiovascular continuum by Dr.Y.G.Sundararaju – 27.9.2010.
v. Contemporary Role of AGI in Management of Diabetes by Dr.K.S.R.SWAMY – 23.9.2010.
vi. Hypertension &Vasacular Protection by Dr.P.SubbaRao – 30.9.2010.
vii. CardiovasularRemodeling by Dr.M.V.V.TirumalaRao – 11.11.2010
viii. Challenges in Dyslipidemia Management by Dr.K.S.R. Swamy – 12.5.2011.
ix. Subject on (CTD) Chlorthalidone by Dr.P.SubbaRao – 19.5.2011.
x. Comprehensive Glycemic Control by Dr.M.V.V.TirumalaRao – 26.5.2011
xi. A Case of Acute M.I. with history of uncontrolled HTN and Dyslipidaemia by Dr.K.S.R. Swamy – 22.9.2011.
xii. Glargine – Fix Fasting First in Diabetes by Dr.M.B.R.Sarma – 9.11.2011.
xiii. Hypertension Management by Dr.M.V.V.TirumalaRao – 19.4.2012.
xiv. Post Prandial Hyperglycemia by Dr.P.SubbaRao – 14.5.2012
xv. Metoprolol by Dr.K.S.R. Swamy – 17.5.2012
xvi. Hypertension in elderly by Dr.S.S.K.R. BhimeswaraRao – 28.5.2012
xvii. Guidelines for Management of Adult RTI by Dr.C.S.S. Sarma – 5.7.2012
xviii. CTD in Hypertension by Dr.Y.Ramesh Naidu, MD- 31.01.2015
xix. Sitagliptin- CV Safety Trail by Dr.V.Satya Prasad, MD- 30.07.2015
xx. Diagnosis and Management of Malaria by Dr.Y.Ramesh Naidu, MD- 10.09.2015
xxi. Teneligliptin- Clinical Data by Dr.V.Srinivas, MD 17.11.2015
xxii. Oncological Emergencies by Dr.P.Yasodamma, MD- 31.10.2015
xxiii. Hypertensive Urgencies and Emergencies by Dr.S.S.K.R.BhimeswaraRao, MD- 28.11.2015
xxiv. Fever with Unconsciousness by Dr.P.SubbaRao, MD- 12.12.2015
xxv. Role of Physician in an ERA of super specialization by Dr.C.S.S.Sarma, MD-09.01.2016
xxvi. Stroke Controversies by Dr.R.GowthamPraveen,MD,DM- 23.01.2016
xxvii. Outcomes of the SPRINT study by Dr.V.Kiran, MD- 12.03.2016
xxviii. Fever Anaemia and Jaundice in Patient from Endemic Area –Is it always Malaria by Dr.Shashikala- 23.04.2016
xxix. Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease by Dr.R.GowthamPraveen,MD,DM- 21.01.2017
xxx. The Golden Hour of Acute ischemic Stroke by Dr.R.Gowtham Praveen,MD,DM-25.03.2017
xxxi. Role of Clindamycin in Medical Practice by Dr.S.D.JanakiramaRaju, MD- 21.10.2017

4. Guest Lectures by :
a. Peripheral Smear Examination in Anamia by Dr.M.MadanMohan,M.D, Hematologist, Visakhapatnam.
b. Role of Heart Rate control in CAD by Dr.HemanthBehra (Cardiologist).
c. Newer insulin by I.V.Rao.
d. Sjogren Syndrome by Dr.M.VishnuVardhan Reddy – 7.12.2012.
e. Differential Diagnosis of APD & peptic Disorder & role of PPI by Dr.AdityaPrasanna – 9.8.2012.
f. GERD by Dr.AdityaSathyaPrasanna, MD-02.04.2015
g. Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of Malaria by Dr.MaheshAbhyankar, MD- 20.05.2015
h. Chronic Hepatitis C by Dr.S.Venkata Reddy, MD, DM-27.02.2016
i. OHA Therapies by Dr.K.RamSwaroopJawahar,MD- 26.03.2016
j. What’s New in MDR and XDR-TB by Dr.M.RaghavendraRao, MD- 30.04.2016
k. Judicious Use of Antibiotics byDr.AbdulGhafur- 10.05.2016
l. Secondary Hypertension by Dr.P.Thejo Krishna, MD, DM- 25.06.2016
m. Pulmonary Artery Hypertension by Dr.M.Vamsi Krishna, MD,DM- 16.07.2016
n. Newer Insulins and Incretion Based Therapies by Dr.C.Suhitha, MD, DM-03.09.2016
o. Newer Anti Coagulants by Dr.P.V.Nishanth, MD, DNB-26.11.2016
p. Rapidly Progressive Renal Failure by Dr.Y.Rakesh, MD, DM- 31.12.2016
q. Management of Arrhythmias by Dr.K.Naresh, MD, DM-25.02.2017
r. Hepatitis B Management & Case Based Approach by Dr.R.Srinivas Murthy, MD, DM - 22.04.2017
s. Insights into Renal Transplant by Dr.D.V.S.Somayajulu, MD,DM-24.06.2017
t. Depression by Dr.V.Niveditha, MD-29.07.2017
u. Tachyarrythmias& Management by Dr.P.V.RamachandraRaju, MD,DM- 23.09.2017
v. Overview of Regenerative Medicine by Dr.M.B.R.Sharma, MD- 28.10.2017
w. Febrile Neutropenia by Dr.Muralidhar, MD, DM-18.11.2017

5. Conferences participated by Department of General Medicine
a. ISGCON , Hyderabad on 23.9.2010
b. Neurovision, Visakhapatnam c. SRMC Clinics, Feb 2011
d. SRMC Clinics, Feb. 2012
e. International Diabetic Symposium – 2013
f. APICON National Conference, 2011 Jaipur
g. APICON National Conference,2012 Kolkata
h. APICON National Conference, 2013 Coimbatore
i. Cardiology Update, KIMS, Hyderabad, 2012.
j. APICON State Conference , 2011 Vizag
k. APICON State Conference , 2012 Kurnool
l. APICON State Conference , 2013 Mahaboobnagar
m. AP APICON 2014, Kakinada, 2014
n. APICON National Conference, 2014, Ludhiana,Punjab
o. AP APICON 2015, Tirupati, 2015
p. APICON National Conference, 2015, Gurgaon
q. AP APICON 2016, Vijayawada,2016
r. APICON National Conference, 2016, Hyderabad
s. APICON National Conference,2017, Mumbai
t. AP APICON 2017, Visakhapatnam, 2017
u. AP APICON 2018, PES Kuppam, 2018
v. APICON National Conference, 2018, Bengalure
w. APICON National Conference, 2019, Kochi

6. Prizes & Awards Achieved.
a. Poster 1st Prize – Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Presenting as Dumbbell Tumour By Dr.Ch.Vijay at APICON State Conference, Kurnool,2012
b. Poster 1st Prize – SLE Presenting as Eight and Half syndrome by Dr.S.M.Shrief. at APICON State Conference, Kurnool,2012
c. 2nd Prize for Paper presentation on Study of clinical profile & Electrophysiological variants of GBS by Dr G HarshaVardhan in AP APICON 2014
d. 2nd Prize for Paper presentation on A Prospective study of clinical & Prognostic factors in Paraquet poisoning cases admitted in GGH Kakinada by Dr Nagoorbasha in APICON (NATIONAL CONFERENCE) 2016
e. 3rd Prize for Paper presentation on Study of Homocystenemia in relation to carotid intima medial thickness in CT proven ischemic stroke patients by Dr G Yamuna Rani in AP APICON 2017
f. APICON Ludhiana Merit award for Dr.LaxmiSindhu for Study of Prognostic value of Hyponatremia and significance of MELD sodium score in patients with Cirrhosis of Liver in APICON(NATIONAL CONFERENCE) 2018
g. 1st Prize for Poster presentation on Atypical paraneoplastic syndrome associated with Anti Yo antibodies by Dr. M.S.M. Krishna Mohan in AP APICON 2018