Rangaraya Medical College was established as a private college funded by munificent donors by an enterprising trio of a statesman, a Professional and a businessman through the Medical Education Society with the core aims of providing Medical education, Medical research and Medical service.
55 years down the line the college now a government medical college continues to thrive on the core principles.

Objectives and approaches:

As enunciated in the core principles the college aims to provide quality medical education to fulfil the needs of the society as per its socio-economic structure. 

The college believes that its alumni should be not only efficient doctors who are proficient in the art and science of allopathic medicine but also good human beings with high moral and ethical standards. 

The college believes that modern medical care need not be costly and that the doctors it trains not be viewed as gods but friends the patient can trust and open up to receive the best medical care. 

The college aims to inculcate a spirit of, dedication in addition to scientific excellence, commitment in addition to clinical acumen, passion in addition to being compassionate, and empathy in addition to being sympathetic.

The college believes in the all-round development of the teenagers who will be graduating as mature adults to shoulder the responsibilities of a care giver whom the society respects by default as an intellectual.

The college strongly believes that it has a responsible role to provide high-quality health care to the society through a well-equipped, well-staffed, and well-maintained tertiary care hospital with all modern facilities with a personal touch. It feels that the human face of medical care is not lost in the gadgetry and mechanisation of the modern medical care.
All in all Rangaraya Medical College aims to turn out professionals who are efficient clinicians, who are ethical, responsible and model citizens and provide high quality medical care in its various hospitals, towards delivering Holistic health care to the people and be worthy of their trust in the medical profession.