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Department of Radio diagnosis is one of the oldest department in Rangaraya Medical college. It has a long and interesting history.
The first X-Ray outfit was obtained for the Government General Hospital in the year 1930 from BERNARD SHAW INSTITUTE.
It was in the nineteen sixties(1964) , the department of radio diagnosis and radiation oncology did embark in a modest form at Rangaraya Medical College in Government General Hospital.
After 20yrs the Department of Radio diagnosis emerged as a separate wing i.e., in 1984.
Between 1964-2010 the Department of Radio dianosis acquired many gadgets like
1)            CT scan Dual source - 1(SIEMENS)
2)            MRI 1.5 Tesla – 1(GE)
3)            Computed Radiography  (CR)-1 (Fuji)
4)            Mammography  - 1 (Vision X-ray Systems
5)            Color Doppler – 2(Esaote Bio Media)
6)            Ultra Sound – 1 (SIEMENS)
7)            Ultra Sound – 2 (Toshiba)
8)            800MA with IITV (Fluroscopy)- 1(SEIMENS)
9)            500MA – 5(one in Rt)
10)          Mobile X-ray Units 60 MA - 4(Siemens)
11)          Mobile X-ray Units 60 MA – 3(Allengers)
12)          Mobile X-ray 50MA – 1 (GE)
13)          Portable X-Ray units 15 & 25MA – 2
In 1986 , the Department was provided with portable GE ultrasound machine.
The first CT scan machine(single slice spiral- SEIMENS) was donated by AMG international in 2001. A new dual slice spiral CT machine (SEIMENS) replaced the old one in the year 2010.
Computed Radiography (CR) system started in 2010.
In 2011 ,  MRI was started under Public private partnership project.
Mammography unit started in 2013.
In 2014, High end Doppler Ultrasound Machine (Esaote) with 4D &Elastography was provided.

800 MA X-ray machine with IITV was installed in 2014.

Heads of the department in past:
The Department was headed and ably guided by a  number of successive professors
1)            Dr. Gangadhar
2)            Dr. NarayanaRao
3)            Dr. RamanaRao
4)            Dr. N.L.N. Murthy
5)            Dr. Lakshmi Narayana
6)            Dr. M.Venkataramanappa.
7)            Dr. Prasad
8)            Dr. Lankeswari